About Me


Above all, Yvan Fournier is a lover of the art of photography.

Drawing on his extensive professional photographic experience, both here and abroad, as well as his Bachelor of Visual Arts in Photography, Yvan creates superlative photographic images unparalleled in their inspirational quality and craftsmanship.

Early in his career Yvan developed a fascination with black and white photography which continues unabated to this day. Mastering the heart of Ansel Adams Zone System unleashed within him the ability to produce images with incredible dynamic range. His full colour images feature remarkable depth and pristine clarity. In addition, working as an international freelance photographer has freed him to employ the latest creative techniques in digital post-production to produce amazingly strong images which invite the viewer to explore every subtle nuance of his artistic creations.

This enduring passion for panoramic landscapes and nature photography has resulted in a Gallery of Landscapes and Panoramic Images without equal, images Yvan invites you to peruse and fall in love with, just as he has. Grab a coffee or tea, pull up a seat, and take a walk through these selected masterpieces from his extensive canon of work. Choosing just one will be challenging as they all have a very special appeal.